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CV and Interview Skills

To get the job you want, you need a winning CV and the ability to back this up at interview!
As experienced trainers in CV and Interview Skills, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge which we have adapted to provide this highly personalised one-to-one service. 

 CV Development
  • When did you last update your CV? CV.jpg
  • Does your CV showcase of your skills and expertise?
  • Does it capture the true essence of you?
  • Does it clearly show what you bring to an employer?
Your CV is your primary sales document.  It should be clear, straightforward and deliver an immediate and accessible snapshot of your key areas of skill, experience and attributes, that make you the ideal candidate. 
A CV is a living document, which means you need to tailor it for every opportunity you apply for.  A general 'one size fits all' document will just not stand out above the crowd!  This is not a problem if you have a good foundation document, and the tools to assess each opportunity and amend your CV accordingly. 
Our CV Development service will help you achieve both of those aims by helping you understand what makes a CV work.  So as your experience expands, you will know how to keep your CV current.
With our CV Development you will get 2 full reviews of your CV, one before and one after an intense one to one CV Development session.
Send us your CV and we will assess it thoroughly, checking for layout, readability and impact.  We will review the content and make suggestions for how you can improve and enhance it.
Then, in a one hour session , either face to face or over the telephone, we will give you our feedback and work with you to:
  • clarify exactly what you want your CV to do for you
  • identify your key skills and unique selling points (USPs)
  • discuss how to address any career gaps
  • uncover hidden gold (ie., those talents and achievements we play down, and shouldn't)
After this session once you have amended your CV, send it back to us for final comments and advice, which we will e-mail to you within 10 working days of receipt.

Call 0208 543 6027 or e-mail to book
Interview Skills
  • Are you apprehensive about interviews?
  • Are you concerned about how you come across?
  • Are there questions you dread to be asked?
  • Would you like to be more confident at interviews?
  • Do nerves negatively effect your performance?
Prior to the Interview Skills session, we will send you a questionnaire, so we can tailor your session specifically to your requirements.  Then at your 90 minute one to one session, either face to face or over the telephone, you can choose exactly what you would like to focus on, which can include:-
  • individually tailored tips and advice
  • advice on how to prepare effectively
  • working on your specific concerns
  • interview practice and feedback
  • working through your dreaded interview questions and practice positive answers
  • managing nerves and working on creating a good performance state
  • record and review your interview responses
This is a packed 90 minute session where we work on the areas of your choice to help you to develop your skills at presenting yourself, your talents and experience at their best.  This session is a great follow on from the CV Development, but can be booked as a stand alone item.
Call 0208 543 6027 or e-mail to book


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