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"Muriel helped me to overcome a phobia of hyper-dermic needles using a neuro-linguistic programming technique. She was patient and ensured I understood and was comfortable with each step. The process itself was neither unpleasant, nor traumatic - in fact it was hard to believe something so gentle could have such a profound effect. But after one session I was able to handle needle in a way previously would have had me paralysed with fear. I would recommend her to others without hesitation."
Steve Stovold
"I was feeling very lost after ten years in sales and didn't know what to do.  I had started to question what I did and couldn't summon the enthusiasm I had had for so many years.  Do I continue and hope my mojo comes back or do I give up on a career that I'd fought so hard to build in a new, burgeoning industry?  I contacted Muriel at Lumier Coaching and with Muriel's guidance I started to see that I was more than just a "salesman".  Muriel pointed out how my skills and experience were transferable and could take me anywhere.  When I doubted myself, Muriel kept guiding me back to dig deep into the crux of why I had been drawn to sales and online.  It was only with Muriel's help and gentle persistance that I finally felt brave enough to apply for roles outside of the sales box and lo and behold, after a few interviews, my mojo was back and I was accepted for a role in online procurement.  Go figure.  It felt like the right move and the right progression without selling out.  I would never have thought about going outside of sales without Muriel at Lumier Coaching's help.  Great guidance.  Great direction.  Thanks M."
Claire Bloxham
"Muriel offered a coaching session to all of our new members.  This covered everything from adjusting to motherhood, returning to work and dealing with family relationships.  Muriel gave them the time, space and guidance as they moved into a new phase in their lives.  I have heard great things from the members about how helpful and supportive Muriel has been. 

Muriel is a great listener, prompt with bookings and genuinely cares for our members.  I could not recommend her more highly- and hope to continue to work with her at Cupcake."

Karen Hastings
Managing Director
"To say that Muriel is a gifted and empathetic individual is an understatement - her practical, emotional and intuitive guidance has helped me through the most difficult period of my life. She is, quite simply, wonderful. Thank you Muriel"


"Muriel is professional, focused with a charismatic personality. Skilled at making you face what your barriers are to self-development and teaches you how to break these down and release your inner potential to self-develop whether on a personal or professional level whatever your goals are. Great coach, would highly recommend."

Linda King
Head of Education and Training

National Union of Journalists '

"You change peoples lives, you helped me change mine."


"I had an 'ideal' of what I wanted to do. Life Coaching with Muriel helped me see things more clearly and allowed me to alter my mindset so that I could make it happen."


"Coaching helped me clarify the areas I needed to focus on in my life. It has allowed me a clear focused space to think constructively and plan what steps I need to take to achieve the things I would like to do over the next few years."


"When I began looking at life coaching, I couldn't understand how simple questions and my answers to them were going to bring about a change in me, a leopard never changes its spots and all that!

Within my very first appointment, I learned things about myself or at least my attitude to myself which I had never even realised were affecting my every decision.

It is the most incredible feeling to suddenly 'see' yourself from a completely different angle and to be able to understand why you have always acted or reacted a certain way.

I now feel as though I am in the position of being able to approach situations which I would have actively avoided before. I understand why I have had problems in certain areas of my working life but I am confident in resolving them and most importantly, I have definitely moved forward."